Title I

Picture of Laurie Hatzenbuhler


Title I Coordinator

Laurie Hatzenbuhler

Phone: (701)-854-3341
Address: 7080 8th Ave
Cannon Ball, ND 58528


Contact for Email is on the Cannon Ball Email List on our Resources Page.

About Title 1

Title 1 is a school wide program used to upgrade the complete educational program in a Title 1 school thus raising academic achievement for all students. The school wide program is available to schools with a student base where at least 40% comes from low-income families. Title 1 is a federally funded program that provides for struggling readers in elementary and secondary schools. This service is in addition to what the classroom teacher provides in the classroom setting.

Our goals for reading are to assist students to higher levels of literacy and to acquire a strong skill set for reading.

Title 1 math services can be provided to any child performing below grade level in an eligible school. Title 1 math strives to support students in the achievement of standards. The program delivers services in a variety of forms.