Here are some links to information for students, parents, teachers, and staff.

  1. School Calendar
  2. Electronic Fill Forms
  3. Email Listings
    1. Solen High School
    2. Cannon Ball Elementary School
  4. Student/Staff Handbooks
    1. Student Handbook
    2. Staff Handbook
    3. Emergency Handbook
  5. Special Education Performance Information
  6. Title VI
  7. Title VII
  8. Student Enrollment
    1. New/Transferring Student Packet
    2. Returning Student Packet
  9. Health/Medication
    1. Mild Allergy Reporting Form
    2. Severe Allergy Reporting Form
    3. Prescription Medication Form
    4. Wellness Policy
  10. Schedules
  11. Student Information
  12. Negotiated Agreement
  13. 3-5 Year Plan
  14. Parental Directive
    1. Parental Directive Letter
    2. Parental Directive Guidance
    3. Parental Directive to Withold Administration of a Student Assessment
  15. More Resources
    1. Job Openings
    2. Athletics
    3. Title 1
    4. Curriculum

School Calendar

Electronic Fill Forms

Some of our forms have been transferred to online electronic fill forms. Please visit that page for more information.

Email Listings

Student/Staff Handbooks

Special Education Performance Information

Title VI

Title VII

Student Enrollment



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Student Information

Negotiated Agreement

3-5 Year Plan

More Resources

The following pages will have more information on specific programs and events.