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District Photo 2018-2019

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Picture of Jenna Feldman, Principal.

Jenna Feldman


Picture of Justin Fryer, Superintendent.

Justin Fryer

Business Manager

Picture of Melissa Eagle, Business Manager.

Melissa Eagle

Admin Assistant

Picture of Ivy Longie, Admin Assistant.

Ivy Longie

Athletic Director/Physical Education

Picture of Michael Frenzel, Athletic Director/Physical Education.

Michael Frenzel

Teaching Faculty

Speech Therapy

Picture of Jamie Schwab, Speech Therapy.

Jamie Schwab


Picture of Lori Hager, Art.

Lori Hager


Picture of Kari Wilson, English/History.

Kari Wilson


Picture of Doug Clark, Math/History.

Doug Clark


Picture of Kasandra Jordan, Business.

Kasandra Jordan


Picture of Corey Morin, Science.

Corey Morin


Picture of Jeffrey Laity, Music.

Jeffrey Laity

Social Studies and FACS

Picture of Lexi Nistler, Social Studies and FACS.

Lexi Nistler

Special Education Strategist/7th and 8th Grade Math

Picture of Kacey Isbell, Special Education Strategist/7th and 8th Grade Math.

Kacey Isbell


Picture of June Szczur, Language/Culture.

June Szczur


Picture of Steve Folmer, Counselor.

Steve Folmer

Support Staff

Data Coordinator

Picture of Todd Hanson, Data Coordinator.

Todd Hanson

Technology Coordinator

Picture of Kalace Eagle, Technology Coordinator.

Kalace Eagle


Picture of Trisha Painte, Paraprofessional.

Trisha Painte

Head Cook

Picture of Richard Eagle, Head Cook.

Richard Eagle

Hall Monitor

Picture of John Iron Road, Hall Monitor.

John Iron Road

Building Facilitator/Custodian

Picture of Steve Dogskin, Building Facilitator/Custodian.

Steve Dogskin


Picture of Lori One Horn, Custodian.

Lori One Horn

District Staff Photo 2018-2019

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Picture of Solen School District Staff, 2018-2019.

Back Row, Left-to-Right: Corey Morin, Sarah Morin, Lillian Plenty Chief, Justin Fryer, Doug Clark, Jackie Longacre, Jesse Black Cloud, Lori Hager, Deborah Roberts, Stephanie Yellow Hammer, Vanessa Peach, Meagan Behm, Shawna One Horn, Sherrie One Horn, Kari Wilson, Steve Folmer, Jeffrey Laity, Deb Eagle

Middle Row, Left-to-Right: Sharon Hanks, Gabriella Arellano, Lexi Nistler, Rebecca Nagel, Jenna Feldman, Amber Celley

Front Row, Left-to-Right: June Szczur, Laurie Schaaf, Nina White Eagle, Michael Frenzel, Bailey Wenz, Kendra Meyer, Chanda Decouteau, Todd Hanson

Not Pictured: Melissa Eagle, Ivy Longie, Shayna Hermanson, Kacey Isbell, Casey Fasthorse, Trisha Painte, Richard Eagle, Lori One Horn, John Ironroad, Steve Dogskin, Don Archambault, Daniel Martin, Wanda Stretches, Marcella Red Tomahawk, Brian Jetty